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Genealogy, meaning and origin of the Ongeri surname

What is the origin of the surname Ongeri?

The surname Ongeri is of African origin, specifically from the Kisii community in Kenya. It is a common surname among the Kisii people and may have originated as a clan or family name within the community. The meaning or significance of the name Ongeri is not specifically documented, but it is likely derived from the Kisii language or culture.

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origine of the family name Ongeri

Learn more about the origin of the name Ongeri

The meaning and origin of the name Ongeri

The surname Ongeri is of Kenyan origin and is common among the Kisii community. It is derived from the Kisii word "Ong'ere" which means "to forgive" or "to reconcile." The Ongeri family is known for their strong values of forgiveness, reconciliation, and unity within their community. Members of the Ongeri clan are often respected for their ability to mediate conflicts and bring about peace among their people. The surname Ongeri symbolizes the importance of forgiveness and unity within the Kisii culture, and those who bear this name are seen as peacemakers and reconcilers in their community.

Geographic distribution of the surname Ongeri

The last name Ongeri is primarily found in the Kisii region of Kenya, where it is a common surname among the Gusii ethnic group. The Ongeri surname can also be found in other parts of Kenya, particularly in urban areas with a significant population of Kisii people. Outside of Kenya, the geographical distribution of the Ongeri last name is limited, with small pockets of individuals with this surname residing in countries such as Tanzania, Uganda, and the United States among other countries with a diaspora population of Kenyan immigrants. Overall, the Ongeri surname is most prevalent in the Kisii region of Kenya, reflecting the heritage and cultural roots of the Gusii community.

Variants and spellings of the surname Ongeri

The last name Ongeri may have different variations and spellings, including Ongeri, Ongerri, Ongeriak, Ongeru, Ongerri, Ongre, Ongre. These variations can occur due to factors such as regional dialects, immigration patterns, or historical influences. In some cases, the spelling of the last name may have been anglicized or changed to adapt to a new language or culture. It is important to note that variations in the spelling of a last name do not change its origin or meaning. Despite the different spellings, all variations of the last name Ongeri likely stem from a common ancestral lineage.

Famous personalities with the last name Ongeri

One famous person with the last name Ongeri is James Ongeri, a Kenyan politician who has served as a Member of Parliament for the Nyaribari Chache constituency. He has held various government positions and is known for his dedication to improving the lives of his constituents through his advocacy for better infrastructure, education, and healthcare. Another well-known individual with the last name Ongeri is Amos Ongeri, a former Minister of Foreign Affairs in Kenya and a well-respected diplomat. He has represented his country on the international stage and played a key role in fostering relationships with various countries around the world. Both James and Amos Ongeri have made significant contributions to their respective fields and are recognized for their commitment to public service and diplomacy.

Genealogical research on the last name Ongeri

The surname Ongeri is of Italian origin and is believed to have originated from the region of Tuscany. The name Ongeri is thought to be derived from the personal name Angelo, which means "angel" in Italian. The Ongeri family has a long and rich history, with records dating back several generations. Genealogical research on the Ongeri name has shown that the family has been prominent in various industries, including agriculture, banking, and politics. Several notable individuals with the last name Ongeri have made significant contributions to their communities and have left a lasting legacy. Today, descendants of the Ongeri family can be found in various parts of Italy and around the world, continuing to honor their heritage and preserve their family history.

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