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Last Name Struhs

The last name "Struhs" has German origins. It is likely derived from the Middle High German word "struz" or "strus," which means "grass" or "foliage." This surname may have originally been used to describe someone who lived near or worked with grassy or leafy vegetation. Over time, the spelling and pronunciation of the surname may have evolved to become "Struhs."

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origin of the last name Struhs

Learn more about the origin of the last name Struhs

The meaning and origin of the last name Struhs

The surname Struhs is of German origin and is believed to be derived from the Middle High German word "struz" which means "strong" or "powerful." It is a surname that may have originated as a nickname for someone who was physically strong or sturdy. Alternatively, it could have been given to someone who held a position of power or authority in their community. The name Struhs may also have been used as a locational surname for someone who lived near a particularly strong or powerful feature in the landscape. Overall, the surname Struhs is likely to have been originally bestowed upon individuals who possessed qualities of strength and power, and has been passed down through generations as a lasting marker of these attributes.

Geographical distribution of the last name Struhs

The last name Struhs is relatively rare and is primarily found in Germany and the United States. In Germany, Struhs is most commonly found in the Nordrhein-Westfalen region, particularly in cities such as Dortmund and Dusseldorf. The surname is believed to have originated in the Westphalia region of Germany. In the United States, Struhs is mainly concentrated in states with a strong German immigrant population, such as Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois. Individuals with the last name Struhs may also be found in smaller numbers in other countries with German diaspora communities, such as Canada and Australia. Overall, the geographical distribution of the Struhs surname is centered around its German roots but has also spread to countries with significant German immigrant populations.

Variants and spellings of the last name Struhs

The last name Struhs can be spelled and varied in a few different ways, including Struh, Struhs, Struhss, Struhsse, Struhz, Struhzs, and Struess. These variations often come about through different pronunciations of the name or from different regions where the name originates. In some cases, the name may also be spelled with an umlaut over the "u" as in Strüh or Strühs. Additionally, the name may also be hyphenated as Struhs-Smith or combined with another last name to create a new variation. Despite the different spellings and variations, the last name Struhs ultimately remains a unique and identifiable surname with a history and meaning all its own.

Famous people with the last name Struhs

There are no famous people with the last name Struhs currently known. The surname Struhs is relatively uncommon, and there is limited information available about individuals with this last name in the public domain. Despite the lack of notable figures with the surname Struhs, it is possible that there are individuals with this last name who have made significant contributions in various fields but have not gained widespread recognition. It is important to remember that fame is not the only measure of a person's impact or achievements, and there are many talented individuals who may be less well-known but are still making a difference in their respective fields.

Genealogical research on the last name Struhs

The surname Struhs is of German origin, derived from the personal name "Stroh". The name may have originally been a nickname for someone with fair or straw-colored hair. The earliest records of the Struhs surname date back to the 19th century in Germany, specifically in the regions of Hesse and Bavaria. It is likely that families with the surname Struhs were involved in agricultural work or had connections to the land. Over time, branches of the Struhs family may have migrated to other countries, such as the United States or Canada, in search of new opportunities. Today, individuals with the surname Struhs can be found across the world, with descendants continuing to carry on the family name and heritage through generations. Additional research and documentation may provide further insights into the history and origins of the Struhs family.

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